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Screen & Projector Rental Singapore

Valor Audio Visual LLP has been offering a projector rental service to hundreds of individuals and businesses throughout the Singapore for over 10 years. Whether you need to rent a projector for the day, or are looking for a longer duration, we assist you with it. Renting projector anywhere in the Singapore is now just a phone call away

mounted tv

mounted tv

We have wide range of projectors and screens for rental to cater your event cost effectively. We provide projector rental with experienced audio visual setup crew, so you can save the hassle on the technical part. Quality brands like Panasonic, Viewsonic or Epson are used for the setup to ensure quality projection Depending on the space that you are wanting to project in, whether it's indoors or outdoors, we know which projector rental models are robust enough to fit that situation

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Type of event that is suitable for projector rental

  • Outdoor movie screening (Night)
  • Projection mapping
  • Presentation
  • Meeting
  • Seminar
  • Concert
  • Wedding

mounted tv Inventory of projectors with brightness up to 12000 ansi lumen Ultra short throw lens to Long Throw lens available

mounted tv We offer wide range of screen for rental from tripod to air blown screen. For fast fold screen, we have both front and back screen for rental. We will secure projector screen to truss if the events is held outdoors.

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